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Cuppa anyone?

It’s the season of sunshine and daffodils. “What?” I hear you ask. “Don’t you live in the Southern Hemisphere, where the end of May heralds the start of winter?”

And yes, this is very true. It has been unseasonably warm through May though. So much so, that on Mothers’ Day, we were thrilled to see our frangipani flowering for the first time. (photos here for your viewing pleasure.)


But we don’t have any daffs. I’m not such a fan. It seems I must be a bit unique in this because they are wildly popular for Daffodil Day – a Cancer Council Australia fundraiser, as well as being used as their emblem.

I was reminded of this on Thursday as I threw together ingredients for biscuits – my contribution towards our building’s annual “Biggest Morning Tea” – another Australia-wide fundraiser held by the Cancer Council.

Most of the food is homemade, but there sometimes is one who tries to pass off store-bought as their own. This year, one cheeky fellow almost had the organiser fooled that he’d baked his own cake, until another tea-drinker said she’d seen the packaging. We giggled, but at least he had brought something to share with us.

Businesses and community groups join together with plates of goodies and their best teacups or coffee mugs to raise funds to beat cancer.

I don’t know a family who hasn’t been affected by this insidious disease. Our’s has been. In fact, today is the fourth anniversary of my aunty’s passing away. And she is one of at least four close family members we remember throughout the year, let alone our friends, their family members or work colleagues.

The Biggest Morning Tea has been going in Australia for 25 years this year, over half my lifetime. The funds generous tea drinkers contribute are directed towards programmes that assist cancer patients and their families, as well as to cancer research.


For the sake of families suffering now and in the future, I am more than willing to raise a cup to help … and to share with you my biscuit recipe that is quick to make … so you too can confidently offer to make a morning tea contribution.

PS my husband advises you to forget the cooking – just eat the mix 😊

Burnt Butter Biscuits (naturally not any diet-friendly)

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees C
125g butter                –  melt the butter in a saucepan or in the microwaveimg_5691-copy-e1527292250799.jpg, allow to cool
½ cup caster sugar   –  add the sugar and mix together
1 large egg                  –  beat the egg into the mix
1 cup SR flour            – add the flours and mix in
½ cup plain flour

– spoon out mix onto baking tray to walnut sized blobs
– top with half a blanched almond or a glace cherry
Cook for approx 12-15 mins (or until golden brown)

These are Australian cups, so 1 cup = 250 ml; ½ cup = 125 ml