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Peace and serenity

So today got off to a cracking start. It is the end of daylight saving and last night in eager anticipation, I reset all the clocks – the wrong way. This turned out to not be so bad after all. Since we are actually putting the clocks back, not forward, it was not as disastrous as it could have been.

Earlier, I had declared plans for our Easter weekend should include a picnic, as the weather was supposed to be a beautiful 25 degrees. Perfect. Time to pack a little lunch and head off to one of our favourite haunts – the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens.

We were married in the Botanic Gardens in the city, but I have found I prefer those nestled in the foothills. Over the other side of Mount Lofty, it is almost like another world. The weather is a little cooler; protected from the beach and its sandy gusts. The market gardens focus on apples, strawberries, cherries and cruciferous veggies (those of the leafy green variety) instead of lettuces and tomatoes. More recently, wineries and boutique breweries are popping up in surprising spots.

DSCN3709 editGiven the temperature difference, the leaves ‘turn’ far more dramatically in the autumn, which provide beautiful contrasts with the pines and gums that surround them. Unlike the garden in the city with its pavilions housing fascinating plants – and in fact buildings of architectural significance themselves – these gardens are relatively new and have entire gullies devoted to species of plants.

I am thankful for the foresight of those early settlers, who established the first of three botanic gardens in my city, with their large variety of interesting plants, 160 years ago. I had supposed, inspired by the diversity of Australian flora, these botanists had set up the city gardens only twenty years into the establishment of Adelaide as a township. But in fact, it was put in the original town plan by the main surveyor, Colonel William Light, right at the start. It just took a little bit of time to find the right place and secure adequate funding.

DSCN3713 edit.jpgBut as we sat in the sunshine today, munching on picnic fare, the peacefulness of the gardens surrounded us. As we heard the kookaburras and small children all laughing, we inhaled the fresh air of trees and flowers. Ah, bliss. “Why don’t you write a blog post about this?” said hubby. And even though you can’t hear the sounds and breathe the air with us, here is a little word picture of our day.


Photographs: © Tony & Rosemary Rogers 2018