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My first reverie

A philosophical collection of thoughts

Our modern world and our reliance on the internet fascinates me. The irony of musing on this topic via an internet blog has not escaped me – be assured of that!

I went travelling in my younger years – without a mobile phone or an email address. Can you imagine such a thing! Mind you, this was before September 11 or the Euro was a live currency …

The concept of a smart phone was very much in the future, and as for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc … unheard of words in the late 90s. After all, the World Wide Web had only been in our world for less than a decade at this point.

My family and friends were reliant on postcards until at least a month into my journey, and it took another for me to make it to a country where phone calls weren’t prohibitively expensive. In my early 20s, I wasn’t concerned too much about how worried my parents may have been. They were nothing but supportive about me heading off. Yes, travelling alone, although meeting up with people along the way. This is when I know I now live in a different world.


That was then; this is now …

Our different world, where children learn on tablets and seem to know more about computers than their parents; where Google is a commonly used verb (not just a search engine name). Funny how one word catches on and others don’t, isn’t it. We don’t ‘Bing’ it or ‘DuckDuckGo’ it, (that second one is a real thing by the way), but just as in the UK, they hoover their homes, in the US they blow their noses with Kleenex and we Aussies wrap food (less frequently now) with Glad Wrap … but I digress …

Like many things in our world, there are advantages and disadvantages. But still, whether we like it or not, email and the internet are constant features of our lives now. We interact via text, Messenger and tweets, and I feel that, all too rapidly, we are losing the art of ‘old-fashioned’ ways of making contact.

So as I end these musings, I find myself longing to go out to my letterbox and see if I have got mail, have a good, long, phone-free catch-up with a friend, or just find myself a black spot where I can sit down under a tree and read a good book.



Photo: Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens. © Rosemary Rogers 16 April 2017