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What a difference a day makes …

Today, four years ago, my life changed.

I can think of several occasions in my life when one day has turned into a game changer. Today is the fourth anniversary of one of the bigger ones, in fact probably the biggest.

I got a call from Tony’s phone, but it wasn’t him. It was one of the work safety officers.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Tony got a hit to the head. He blacked out but he’s conscious now. We’ve made arrangements for him to get airlifted out though.”

Understandably, I freaked out.

“How did that happen?”

I don’t remember the exact conversation from there, but it turned out that the excavator bucket had hit the side of the dump truck Tony was driving (due to having a ‘respite’ night). The steel frame of the cabin had rolled with the punches and hit Tony on the forehead as he looked out the window at the side mirror.

Little did we know at the time, it was not just concussion, but would later be diagnosed as a traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injury. I didn’t know much about that at the time. My personal experience of blacking out was, and is still is, a big fat zero. But believe me, I’ve learnt a lot!

As time has gone on, we have moved through various different parts of state and federal legislation. I have become not just a full time worker, but a full time carer as well, which has been a new challenge

We have shouted and cried more often than I care to remember, but most of all we have had to learn to adapt – adapt to a new environment where brain injury is not understood by many of those we know, and where for Tony, life has been a struggle while he tries to adjust to the ‘new’ him.

We have turned into people who appreciate the simpler things in life while we try to live carefully.


But at the same time we try to have a giggle a day. After all, laughter is good for the soul, we are told, and I firmly believe it.

I am also told that people with brain injury often improve and I hope this is the case with Tony.

I’d like to put it out in public that I am married to a man I am proud of – for his continuing tenacity and how he just keeps on trying, regardless of how much it hurts. He tries for me and for us, and this brave face inspires me to keep fighting for him and with him.

“It ain’t easy”, to quote Liamoo, (in a song not quite to my normal taste), but if this has taught me one thing, it is that I need to hang in there!

So, for all you out there who are doing it tough, I hope you can find the strength from someone or something, to hang in there, and get to the other side.


Today’s photos are a beautiful rose outside our front door from last month and the machine that caused life to change.
And here’s a song link, if you were wondering … https://www.letssingit.com/liamoo-lyrics-it-ain-t-easy-jqkpjcz