About Me

I am a wife, carer and a student of many things. At the moment, I am studying Professional Writing and Editing externally at TAFE.

This has been an interesting follow-on from my studies last year – Editing and Proofreading – and has also encouraged me to negotiate with the land of blogging.

I have called this blog ‘Cheap and Cheerful Life’ because a) that seems to be my refrain for life at the moment; b) I already have a Facebook page and an Instagram account with that title (and it made sense to have a bit of co-ordination!); and c) well, I couldn’t think of anything else witty enough at the crucial time an assignment needed one 🙂

If you are interested in my portfolio, you can have a look under the “All Projects” tab. If ramblings of a less specific nature are your thing, then the blog posts are the spot to go.


Please note that unless stated,  no content on this site, including, but not limited to text and photographs may be reproduced or copied in any manner without express written permission. If you need, you can contact me via the Contact Me page. I try to do the right thing with copyright and I would appreciate it if you do too. Thank you.

A smattering of recipes, home life, history and ponderings, while fulfilling one of my personal mottos – "learn a new thing every day".

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